Jul 16, 2012

Patishapta A Bengali Delicacy

This recipe I wanted to try from long time but some how I could not make it. When I saw this recipe in this months ICC, I just wanted to take this challenge. Thank you so much Valli for the recipe. Patishapta is one of the traditional Bengali sweet, which is not much Popular like other Bengali Sweets. This sweet crepes I made for todays break fast we like the insted as a desert . I reduced the sweet and added some dry fruits like raisins, cashew nuts. I served it with condence milk and chocolate sauce, That was perfect for me yummm....
                                                                     I made them in a small amount so I reduced the amount what Valli has given. Thanks Valli for this delicious challenge. 
Patishapta      INGREDIENTS:---
Coconut    --- 1 cup(grated I used fresh coconut)
Khyoa   --- 100gms
Sugar  ---  1/4 cup
Raisins --- 1 tab sp
Cashewnuts  -- 10 cut in to small pieces
Cardamom  --  3 powderd.
Ghee  ---- 1/2 tea sp
Maida (All purpose flour)  ---  1 cup
Sooji  or fine semolina ----  1 tabsp (i used fine rava(chiroti rava) so i didn't grind the rava. IF you are using normal rava then grind rava to make it fine rava)
Rice flour   ----- 1 tabsp
Milk    ----  2 cups
Condenced milk ( i used chocolate sauce also)
1. Heat ghee in a pan fry raisins and cashewnuts till golden remove and set a side.
2. Grind sugar and cardamom seeds in to a fine powder.

3. Add grated coconut to the same pan mix for a while.

4. Add powdered sugar to the  coconut and give a good stir.

5. Now add khoya mix well to combine every thing
6. Add fried cashewnuts and raisins mix well.

7. Now take Allpurpose flour, rava, rice flour  and a pich of salt in a mixing bowl.

8. Add milk to the flours mix well to make a thin batter.

9. Make sure there should not be lumps in the batter.

10. this batter should be like ravadosa batter

11. Heat a pan keep the heat low and pour the batter, spread like a circle (like pan cake).
Let the pan cake cook littel golden on the down side then slowely flip the pancake other side and cook for a while.

12.  Now spread a tab sp full coconut mixture in the center of the pan cake and fold from both sides to close the filling.
13. Serve Patishapta with sweetend condenced milk.


Torviewtoronto said...

looks wonderful delicious treat we make the batter a little different

Vijayalakshmi Dharmaraj said...

wow sounds great....

Prathibha said...

Loved teh way u served..looks delicious n yumm padma

Prathibha said...

Loved teh way u served..looks delicious n yumm padma

Anu said...

delicious!!!!! tempting and drooling here

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looks tasty!!

Priya said...

Lovely and super catchy presentation..They came out awesome.

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well presented.. very interesting..

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I loved the way you have clicked it Rekha..Truly yummy!

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yummy dish

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Ummm delicious,,,,:)

Srivalli said...

I seem to have missed out this post completely Padma, you have plated it so well!